Back To Life

Posted July 2nd, 2007 by Lakshmi Pamidimukkala

Its a strange experience anybody might have faced in their lives where they reach the coma state and by the blessings of God and prayers of parents and near and dear they come back to life. I happened to undergo this stage when i was graduating and I had an attack of Meningitis .
I had very high fever which was left unattended as my parents couldnt see it that dangerous.
I was lying down with that fever for almost a day when my parents realised that something was wrong and tried to wake me up but in vain . They had never seen me taking rest or having the common ailments like cold , cough or fever for that matter.

They had to take me to the doc to check what was happening to me exactly??? They admitted me in a near by hospital and some priliminary tests were done after which they concluded that I needed soem specialist as by then my state was sinking. Then I was shifted to Medwin Hospitals at Nampally , Hyderabad where a highly qualified doc had seen me and my reports which required me to take a course of medicines which costed a lakh and more …..The result could be I may recover completely or I may remain insane or I may be in the same stage of coma….

It was three days that I went into coma and my dad without even thinking about how he could pool up the money said he was ready for the treatment and the first injection was given to me.
My mother , brother and sisters were all in tears … After six hours of medication I suddenly woke up as if from a deep sleep though in the sleep i could make out that some on was rubbing my body with ice. Some one was trying to prick needles into my body . The only response which they could get from me was that I used to scream and yell at all of them.

As soon as I woke up i saw my dad sitting near my feet in a chair . I wondered where I was and why he was sitting there.I asked him what happened but i was not allowed to talk much and I couldnt see properly . That was the pick and I started recouping . The specialist came to see me I spoke really well and he was really happy for he achieved his goal . He succeded in bringing me back to life. Then I asked him what exactly happened to me . He told me that it was a viral fever because it was unattended it caused slight bulge in the brain which lead to temporary memory loss and the medication brought me back to normal. I demanded that I be discharged from the hospital as I had to go home before my brothers birthday . It was the first case in the history of MEDWIN that a patient was going to be discharged with out completion of the course of medicine. My will power and the support of my family and not to mention with out the doctors help which made it possible for me to go home on the day which i requested for discharge my only brother ’s birthday.


2 Responses to: “Back To Life”

  1. bommarillu responds:
    Posted: August 3rd, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    norrurinche dishes choopincharu…but how will one get the taste frm tht

  2. Apple responds:
    Posted: September 17th, 2007 at 11:13 am

    Hello Lakshmi..

    I’ve come to know abt your blog thru TIA…It was good to see your tasty recipes and nice write-ups abt your love for nature n wedding…

    But it was equally saddening to me to hear about your illness a while ago…Hope you are doing well now..Take care…


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