Posted by Lakshmi Pamidimukkala

I had learnt painting when I was in graduation a long back…Once I was done with learning , I had to do a project of a piece for a display and to secure a grade for the work as a result . I had painted on a chiffon saree and the best effects were put up and it ranked me Outstanding performance in those days…

It was displayed in an Exhibition in the College … Though I wasnt much into studies during my grad, I was more towards arts ,designs and paints…Not to mention it took me 22 hrs of struggle to get this in a form … There are 20 flowers on the saree as a whole…


  1. shilpa, January 13, 2008:

    Hey Lakshmi,

    They are all sooooooooo em have an amazing talent ..and tons of patience I guess :) kepp up the good work!!

  2. Mini, January 17, 2008:

    Amaging art ! Sure you should share your talent with kids with evolving talent.

  3. Mr.Dharam, January 23, 2008:

    Really this painting is very good, that to, the combination of paint you selected is really excellent.
    The flower and the small dots are looks good.
    Keep up the good work!!

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